New Volunteer Initiatives!

Morning Mucking Crew and The Groom and Tack Team ​

Pegasus is kicking off additional barn volunteer programs: Morning Mucking Crew and Groom and Tack Team.

The Morning Muck Crew (MMC) will positively impact the health and wellness of our herd. Cleaning a.k.a. mucking a stall is incredibly important to keep our horses healthy. A clean stall helps avoid issues with horse hooves, skin irritations, and breathing problems. It also contributes to a positive and comfortable environment for the horse.

Requirements to be a Morning Mucking Crew volunteer:

  • No horse experience needed
  • Must be physically comfortable lifting (up to 40lbs)
  • Must be able to push wheelbarrow, use pitchfork and shovel to clean stalls
  • Closed-toe boots required
  • Work gloves suggested

The Groom and Tack Team (GTT) will actively participate in maintaining the horse’s hygiene but also play a crucial role in building a trusting and positive relationship between the horse and caregiver/volunteer/participant. Regular grooming and proper tacking and untacking contribute to the overall health and well-being of the horse. Equally important is that volunteers will help support the need for our horses to meet their exercise needs. Grooming and tacking/untacking demonstrations and instructions will be provided to all Groom and Tack Team volunteers.

Requirements to be a Groom and Tack Team volunteer:

  • Some horse experience needed 
  • Must be comfortable grooming and tacking 
  • Must be comfortable leading horses in and out of stalls and paddocks
  • Closed-toe boots required